The Wasp Factory Service Ogee Architrave: Timeless Detailing for Doorways

Ogee Architrave: Timeless Detailing for Doorways

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In relation to designing and improving our properties, we often ignore the necessity of skirting boards. Nevertheless, skirting boards can produce a massive difference for the total visual of a place while serving sensible uses like protecting walls and concealing undesirable wires or pipework. In this post, we will assist you through all that you should find out about skirting boards, from picking the right design to installing them.

Forms of Skirting Boards:

There are numerous forms of skirting boards accessible, with each one comes with their own exclusive characteristics. The most popular components consist of MDF, pine, and oak, and they can be obtained from a variety of styles. The most frequent types of skirting boards include ogee, torus, and bullnose, all of these could add figure to your space. When you have chosen the type of skirting board you will need, after that you can select the right design, dimension, and complete to fit your decor.

Calculating and Fitting:

Before buying your skirting boards, it’s important to measure the area to make sure you possess the appropriate span and quantity of boards. Upon having the sizes, you can buy the skirting boards as well as more equipment you might need, like saws, adhesives, or drills. Appropriate skirting boards is comparatively simple, but it’s crucial to ensure that they may be level and direct. Invest some time and make sure you’re satisfied with the placement well before getting the panels in position.

Routine maintenance and Proper care:

And also hardwearing . skirting boards seeking their very best, it’s essential to keep them regularly. MDF skirting panels are easy to neat and may be washed downward with a damp cloth. Wooden skirting boards, nonetheless, require a tad bit more treatment. It’s crucial that you stay away from water when washing oak or pine skirting boards, because this may cause damage. As an alternative, use a delicate material to eliminate dust and soil and use a hardwood wax tart to aid protect the timber.

Upgraded Styles:

If you’re planning to improve your skirting boards and include a lot more character to your area, there are numerous ways to do this. Attempt to add a etched or beaded layout in your skirting board, or building a two-strengthen effect having a coloured base segment and a stained top rated. You may also include lights behind your skirting boards to generate a delicate, background gleam in the area as well as emphasizing the skirting board’s elaborate specifics.

Advantages of Skirting Boards:

In addition skirting boards include character and elegance to some space, but they also assist a practical function. They protect surfaces from furniture scuffs and injury, cover up unsightly wire connections and water lines, and can even function as a barrier against draughts and cool air. By investing in the correct skirting board, you can experience a warmer and more classy property.


In summary, architrave might appear to be a little detail, nevertheless they can make a considerable effect on the overall seem of your property. By deciding on the best type, measuring and fitting appropriately, preserving and taking care of your skirting board, and in many cases upgrading the fashion to fit your decor, you may enjoy the numerous rewards that skirting boards have to offer.

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