The Wasp Factory General Chronological Symphony: MyApofraxeis’ Athens Clocks Delight

Chronological Symphony: MyApofraxeis’ Athens Clocks Delight

Chronological Symphony: MyApofraxeis’ Athens Clocks Delight post thumbnail image

Did you ever hear of sewer clocks? Sure, you study that proper! These are generally timepieces made out of the small components and items of aged sewers. And in case you’re contemplating it appears gross or strange, we obtain it. But once you see the exclusive assortment revealed by ATHENS BLOCKAGES (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ), a Greek sewage cleaning up organization, you could just change your thoughts.

MyApofraxeis has been around in the company in excess of two decades and also in that time they have got come across some intriguing goods whilst cleaning out outdated sewers. They began to accumulate these materials and shortly enough that they had enough to produce a truly 1-of-a-form selection of timepieces. Each clock is hand crafted and different as no two items in the sewers are likewise.

The clocks themselves are not just intriguing but wonderful as well. The rusted metal and old patina allow them to have an industrial fashionable artistic that will suit perfectly into any present day house or office space. Each clock tells its very own story, with pieces provided by various locations around Greece.

1 time clock especially trapped our vision, manufactured entirely from outdated plumbing fittings located in Athens. Another was crafted from thrown away bicycle pieces discovered in the sewer tube near Thessaloniki. However another integrated a broken street indicator who had fallen using a manhole include.

But just how do these timepieces even operate? Nicely, each piece is carefully cleaned out and sterilized prior to being built into a functioning timepiece employing higher-high quality quartz movements brought in from China. The end result is not merely visually beautiful and also fully functional.


MyApofraxeis’ sewer time clock selection may seem unusual at first glance but it’s hard to reject the wonder and individuality of each and every personal bit. These timepieces are not just practical timepieces but also discussion starters sure to make an impression on any guest. And the fact that these are manufactured entirely from reclaimed resources signifies they’re not just beautiful but also eco-friendly. So, the next time you discover yourself in Greece, make sure you take a look at MyApofraxeis in addition to their intriguing collection of sewer clocks.

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